Our Legacy

at Turnkey Instruments SA

For over 27 years, Turnkey Instruments SA has been dedicated to delivering durable, dependable, and cost-effective instrumentation and safety inspection services to our clients. Founded by Stan Freeme in early 1997, our company has grown to employ over 50 staff members, including our Managing Director, Patrick Freeme, who joined us in 2003, and our General Manager, Gavin Robins, who came aboard in 2007. Together, we have cultivated the expertise and technical know-how necessary to provide comprehensive solutions for dynamic brake testing and legal safety inspections on mobile assets.
Pioneering Precision in Instrumentation

Elevating Industry Standards

Our approach sets us apart from the competition. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the standard brake testing and safety inspection needs for mobile assets. Leveraging our industry-leading instrumentation and cloud-based asset management software, we consolidate all critical information about your assets into a single, secure, and easily accessible platform.

Turnkey Instruments SA is the Southern African agent and OEM of SIMRET, with over 1000 SIMRET’S sold to date and over 80 sites using our onsite brake testing and safety inspection services we can comfortably say that we are the leaders in brake testing in South Africa with a BEE level 2.
Our Values

Crafting Excellence Since 1997

From humble beginnings with just one product and one employee, Turnkey Instruments has evolved into a powerhouse by putting the customer first. We were able to establish a communication channel with the marketplace, aiding the delivery of first class customer solutions, which add value and provide peace of mind.
Exclusive Design, Development, and Support

In-House Expertise

Our team of expert, dedicated technical support staff are always on hand to help, We go above and beyond to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their Turnkey instruments and Turnkey asset management software. Providing excellent customer service is at the core of everything we do.
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